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Aeon Technology

About us

Built on the foundations of digital technologies, Aeon Technology is into products & services in the Retail, Transportation, Healthcare and Financial Services sectors.

We see Technology as an essential tool that allows brands to tell their story and showcase what makes them unique. Aeon Technology solutions carry a tone of voice that syncs with the chosen brand attributes to help send the right message to the target audience. While designing Technology solutions, we apply key brand identity elements to create a cohesive experience that reflects both the state of the brand today and their strategic goals and aspirations for the future. Our Technology Solution Design process generates a consistent website or app that reflects the brand strategy, visual identity, and verbal identity of the brand. It also helps to establish a prominent position on the market.


Our mission is to arm Businesses for the Digital Revolution. We aim to be strategic Leaders in emergent technologies, innovators in user experiences. Our Mission is to reimagine how people interact with brands.

Our Values

Managing IP & Data of our customers, integrity is most valued by our staff.

Being in the digital space, honing our skills is a continuous exercise.

We value our customers’ business over the pieces of code we generate.

Delivering to the business madness of our customer is punctuality for us.

We value diversity and difference; and every role is valuable, not individuals.

Our Services.

We are here to support SMEs and Startups.

Product Development

It is often not an easy task for a fledgling startup with a great idea to come up with a market redefining solution in the real world. Aeon Technology prides itself in this Arena, often creating products that have made their presence felt in the relevant markets. We believe in getting the product to the market at the earliest possible timeline, making it imperative to have all the required features at that stage.

Services Offered.

  • Product Ideation
  • Testing & QA
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Product Enhancements

Product Life Cycle Management

We work with startups to give them the greatest mileage when it comes to any stage in a software product life cycle. We focus on end-to-end product engineering services that encompass development, scaling up and sustenance of software products including re-engineering and retirement, thus retaining their competitive nature in the market and customer experience. Services Offered.

Services Offered

  • Product Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Migration
  • Consulting

Maintenance and Support

Successful products are not the solution. They need to be maintained and supported to gain the trust of customers. Startups, more than anyone else, require the backing of an uninterrupted service from software solutions. Application downtimes are not advisable for any business for that matter. To gain RoI on software investment, startups must ensure that their products always perform well. Aeon Technology offers the below services through cost-effective means.

Services Offered

  • Application Testing
  • Enhancements & Upgrades
  • Performance Monitoring
  • User Support
  • Level-based incident managements
  • Migration

Consulting Services

We care about guiding startups towards the most value-adding and relevant technologies, strengthening their IT teams with our experts. We consider it our responsibility to support the entire product development lifecycle, providing technology consulting, process improvement, digital empowerment, and team support.

Services offered

  • Staff Augmentation
  • PLM support
  • Tech consulting
  • Process Design & improvement
  • Digitization

Testing & QA

IT startups more than anyone else, must go through the challenge of developing a quality software product that has low risk of failure. We understand this fully. Our testing services encompass the entire gamut of testing for software, including the quickest and most efficient methods of testing. Our team of experts help you to sail smoothly through the testing process leaving you to only take care of nothing but the uniqueness of the product.

Services offered

  • Regression Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

UI/UX Design

We realize that UI/UX remains at the crux of intelligent mobile or web app development. Any app strategy that does not take this into consideration is more likely to have lower user adoption rates. This is particularly applicable for startups that need a user-friendly application that is also visually appealing. Experion possesses User Experience (UX) design and development competencies critical for retaining the end-user. As a consulting partner, we bring in a totally different perspective to the app design.

Services Offered

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing

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